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Drastic Changes



To my hair. My hair is currently at mid-back length, is kinda thick and is made of loose curls sprouting every which way. It is a boring medium brown with some yellow (natural) highlights. I want to bleach it, tone it to a white blonde color, dye the ends green or purple and dreadlock it.




Dye it darrrrrk brown, dye the tips purple and/or green and not dreadlock it. However, just today, someone told me I had super pretty hair, and I hadn't done anything to it. It was like fourth day air dried hair. So! Decisions!


This be how I dress.



I was born and raised in Humboldt County if that helps.


My parents are 100% okay with it, my brother, not so much, but he can suck it!



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I don't like dyed hair. Not sure how my opinion matters though. :P

IMO dyed hair can look awesome if done correctly.


Your choice Teagan, do what you think is best.

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