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Fancy Dress - omg i still haven't made a decision halp.



Fancy Dress  

4 members have voted

  1. 1. Pick one please.

    • Zorro
    • Slenderman

Okay so as my last blog said I need a heroes or villains costume for Freshers week.


I ordered a Luigi Costume, it came, it didn't fit and it looked crap.

Now I have two weeks left to put one together.


I have two final options.




I'm tight with money so it's got to be an economy costume.


Zorro - I'd only be wearing a basic black shirt, a cape, a mask, a hat, some formal trousers and some shoes. So it might not look very zorro-y. Oh yeah and I'd get a suitable sword.


Slenderman - I could wear a suit, red tie, black gloves and I'd get a white lycra hood.



If you have another costume to suggest I could put together in a week fire away.


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It doesn't matter which you pick, it will end up getting ruined or parts will go missing/stolen :P

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I say Zorro, Slenderman is too trendy. (Also, I've watched that movie about forty times so that kind of affects my vote).

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Get some sort of green getup together and make a creeper head out of a cardboard box. I did it sans green clothes once (cause I don't have any :P) and it certainly didn't look bad. Plus all the gamers will love it.

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always see a zorro at a fancy dress party


never seen a slenderman



what you do is: Get white morph suit

Get nice suit

with red tie

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