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So apparently I've been registered at Sals for 7 years



What's up again I guess?


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you no longer have the most posts




I guess I'm somewhat happy although I don't know how long that'll last. I cycle through phases of depression and happiness in a somewhat rapid cycle and try not to let it affect other people around me. At times I completely retreat because of it. I have a stable relationship with a wonderful semi-psychotic girlfriend. I've gotten into competitive gaming, but I despise my bosses (love the job), and hate how much education cost and how much bureaucracy there is in colleges. It also sucks because I can't afford to see a counselor at the moment; on top of that Sandy recently hit, a block away from me looks like the apocalypse occurred still, and my girlfriends family has to move because of the aftermath at some point. Also I love how Sals gives me a recovery password in a minute, but bing and origin take 24 hours.


Also waiting hours to put gas in your car sucks.




Edit: There's not much to post about on this forum. Most of the ideas are terrible, and I don't see much love for games I'm into. Competitive Pokemon, MTG, random discussion about things like the Tales series. Nor does it look particularly active. The debates area looks stale, and other than that, I have no interest in playing RS again.

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