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Vote Third Party

Twist of Fate


As great as it would be to have a radical overthrow of the bipartisan Republican/Democrat system (lol), if you keep making the mistake of voting between two ineffective candidates, election after election, the result will be the same so don't complain when your bipartisan candidate didn't win. This race could not have had a winner because they are both destructive in a significant way.


Voting between the lesser of two evils is not the way we should go about voting. Encourage 3rd party voting for the next four years because you have more than two choices. Better choices that should not be ignored. The first step to fixing this country is considering all the options and not just the options that are most likely to win. I want voting for the third party to not be a throwaway vote the next election.


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"Third party is a waste of a vote"


fudge you (not you Taker). Voting represents who you feel is the best candidate, and so voting for who you think is the lesser of two evils is dishonest to yourself and the country. If everyone who thought the above mentality actually voted for a third party candidate, something could have happened (at the very least third party gains more media coverage).

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The problem with multiple parties is the electoral college. At most, the third party would get a third of the votes. This happens in countries with many parties. Would you want someone in office who only got 1/3 of the votes? With our current electoral college system, no one would win the campaign and the House then would pick the president.


Something has to be done about this.

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