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Quitting Runescape



Jagex have announced that EoC will go live on 20th November, despite massive opposition, and the fact that it is fatally flawed in concept, execution and nowhere near debugged or properly tested.


On that day I will cancel my membership.


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Massive opposition?


If massive is >20%, then yes.


Fact is, the people who like it have nothing to comment on, so they don't. Sure, you get the rare improvement suggestion, but everyone else is a change-fearing nutjob that can't stand to see this game become something that will actually attract new players.


(Also, now that the elections are over and I don't have anything to be bashed about yet, this is what'll replace it)

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Actually, I'm not a "change-fearing nutjob", I'm a dedicated player who has posted many long, well argued threads in the beta forums, and I find your comment pretty offensive.

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Despite having quit Runescape for quite some years now, I've always enjoyed reading your blog and reading about your recent Runescape endeavors. And although I no longer keep up with Runescape news, I am saddened to hear that this update is causing you to cancel your membership. I've always admired you, and I hope to see future blog posts of yours, whether they be Runescape-related or not.

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I really wonder how it is going to turn out...


I really do


because this is live or die moment for runescape

more than SOF or the wildy things ever were

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Thanks for the kind words, Dr Skull, and Sk8skull. I'll still be posting here, even if it's not about runescape as much, and I expect I'll be playing f2p a bit - one of my lowest skills is fishing, and I can do that in f2p.


Mr Hoes, I'm not canceling anything that I've paid for, on the 20th I will simply remove Jagex's authorisation to take an automatic monthly payment from my bank. I'll continue to play in p2p until my pre-paid time runs out.


Like Egghe, I think this is a pivotal point for Runescape. My personal hope is that Insight Partners see a large drop in the value of their investment over this and other recent bad decisions (borderline RWT and borderline encouragement of underage gambling) and enforce the change of top management that this game so badly needs.

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