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Today is Nomadversary

Twist of Fate


Happy Nomadversary, Benn0!


For those who do not know, Nomadversary is the anniversary of when I defeated Nomad on November 10th, 2011. (I remember cause I saved it in my notes along with my 99 dates)


Why is this such a momentous occasion? Well, not only did it take a lot of tries, strategies, and effort to kill Nomad, but I also had a lot of coaching from Benn0. When I said I couldn't do it and wanted to give up, he told me I could do it and to never give up on my dreams, especially since I've come this far.


Let Nomadversary be a victory for ALL OF YOU, not just Benn0 and I. On every November 10th or 11th, go beyond your expectations of yourself and do something you've never thought possible. Of course not only in Runescape, but in real life too. Pass a test, climb a mountain, hold the door open for a stranger and then hook up with her.




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It happens, I mean if that's what you're into you were born into it and we will not judge you in any way.

There still isn't definite proof that people are born homosexual.

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