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Declaration of Saldependence

Twist of Fate


So guys I've been thinking can we all like just take over a territory? Like the uninhabited mountains of South Dakota or something and claim it as our own and just kind of live there and fish salmon from the creek and just play Runescape all day and get paid for it like even in real life we can fish and woodcut and hunt and mine and trade and stuff and it'll all be happy.


And I get to tend the rabbits.


P.S. I don't actually know why North and South Dakota are separate. They are both equally Dakotas.


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I say we take over the Berkeley Pit in Montana, and have both an awesome scenery _and_ a place for executions


I say we build an underground society in the damned thing and seal it off from the outside world.


Then, after 200 years of waiting and planning, the metal vault doors shall one day fling open and release the terrors the festered beneath.

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That reminds me, I was reading an ancient Greek text earlier and...


Socrates: We are what we repeatedly do

Aristotle: Well then I guess I'm YOUR MOM

*Plato high fives Aristotle*

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first we need to plant a sals member into the governing body of south dakota and work their way up to governer


then we secede from union


and rename ourselves to Sal's Bouncing Bananza Funhouse

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If anyone's going to take a territory, I'm getting Washington D.C. and there's nothing any of you can do about it.

I'll get Kamchatka and Jakutia.

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The polar ice caps are melting quicker than they should because of man's influence on global warming.


Global warming is natural but this current cycle is happening much more dramatic.


If we base ourselves at the north pole we will find actual land scarce and polar bears are dying :(

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That would probably make an awesome reality show. Take a handful of members from a forum who have never met before IRL, and put them in a remote(or not) location to live together for awhile.


Kind of like Survivor... or Jersey Shore... or... yeah, I'll stop there.





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