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97 Fishing, 95 Hunter



So, I now have 9 levels left.


Fishing is boring. Hunter is annoying - I thought I was finished with snowy knight butterflies, but the supposed 'better' ones I can now catch are in a really tree filled area, which makes them slow to catch, and give 30% less xp per hour. Dunge is down to daily challenges and lamps.


Last blog post Aabid asked if I would make it before my membership runs out. Well, I have until that afternoon of the 21st December to do it, which (given the workload I have for University) probably means I won't... but as long as I can do hunter by than, the other 2 can be done in f2p without giving Jagex any more money.


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Don't worry Tea, the world is ending on the 21st anyway, so if you're not done there's nothing to worry about.

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