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Did Hannah Poison Deb?








So in episode 11 of the current season of Dexter, Deb ends up getting in a car wreck because she fell asleep at the wheel. She's currently on some kind of anti-anxiety meds (was it Xanax?) but she insists that it was impossible for her to have overdosed, and she immediately blames Hannah for poisoning her.


The question I pose to you, Dexter fans, is whether Hannah really did poison Deb, or was it someone else? The way I see it, Deb was willing to do anything to get Hannah out of the picture, off the street, and out of Dexter's life. This was the perfect way of doing it; since even Dexter can attest to Hannah's method of killing by poison, and it's pretty much an airtight case.


But, if Hanna did poison Deb, wouldn't Deb be dead, rather than just having a couple of bruises? Hannah has never messed up like that before... she always gets her kill (like Dexter).


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omg how bout spoiler alert :mad:


Sorry, I hope this doesn't ruin our romantic relationship. :beg:

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And the title u noob sal?? But ofcourse hannah did not poison Deb!! Deb poisoned herself!!! She took a big risk but it paid off!! She does not have anything to live for except Dexter!! and Dexter and Hannah were together so Deb didn't like that because Deb loves Dexter!!!

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For serious, I'd have expected all you Dexter fans to be caught up on this season by now. Watch it on demand... stream it on your PC... use your fancy lil iPhone 2 or iPad 6 to watch it while riding the bus to school... pirate it... there's absolutely NO EXCUSE.

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