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Well this sucks [edit]

Lee M16


Lets see.... Since I last said something:

- I failed 2 classes because 1)I missed 2 labs and they wouldn't let me make them up and 2)overslept and missed my exam for the second class.

- had my debit card numbers stolen, and as such am down $500 for the time being, and cannot obtain cash as my card was used to get it, but is now inactive

- have no job to return to this summer as the company is not getting a renewed contract and everyone is fired

- left my laptop cable in Alabama, and cannot use it until I get back

- broke my necklace that I've worn for a decade


[edit] I'm gonna try to sell two of my guitars here in SC to try to buy a cheap bass, or at least to make up some of the cost....


.... I think that is all... But knowing the way my luck works, ill probably have more in the next few days...


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<p class='citation'>Lee M16, on 22 December 2012 - 03:38 PM, said:</p><div class="blockquote"><div class='quote'>Didn't bring the dell... It's a Lenovo g570

</div></div>Damn, no luck then. :( I'll be back in town tomorrow though. Hit me up next week


Still no luck, I'm heading back out Friday or Monday

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I'm going to see DeBerto today! And I have to go to the zoo to ask someone to help me get a connection in Tuscaloosa

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