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So much has changed. I've hardly had time for Sal's since the site overhaul (just posting in a few threads pretty much), even though I wanted to stay active. Oh well. I've had a job for 7 months with a "reputable" multinational fast food chain. You might have heard of it. It's the home of the Big Mac.


I've also had a lot of work in school. And I've had uni offers! And I've struggled to wake up every day for 2 months because I'm not happy with all of this shizzle I have on my plate.


Anyway, that brief overview of the last 7/8 months or so is over. Now, onto something that hasn't changed. Girls.


Well, it has changed a bit. I'm relatively successful now, at least in the whole flirting bit. A girl from work and I have been exchanging smiles, favours and jokes for quite a while now and today she sort of hugged me from behind. It was nice. I think she might like me. I am looking forward to seeing her next weekend and hopefully moving closer towards a place where it won't be awkward to ask her if she wants a hot beverage.


I mean, I could just talk to her on facebook but I'd have to come up with an excuse for that. So unless I have a brainwave, I'll update this next Saturday.


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Basically Lilshu, you just have to elbow them really hard and then they fall for your charm!!!



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