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A confession



I am gay

I am Aabid. I made the RS- account Trois and wanted it to be a pure but I decided to just use it as my second account. It's the reason I don't really play on my main account anymore. I made all the stupid topics to see how much you guys could take before being annoyed and I must say, it took quite a while. I loved all the attention I was getting, so I kept asking stupid questions. At that moment, people would just start downvoting my posts without a reason, which I liked. it was more attention for me. Anyway, I had to get this off my chest. If there are any questions, feel free to ask below. Sorry for everything. Not a long confession, but I'm no writer!!


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Aabid isn't gay.

Maybe you got the wrong Aabid. ^.^

Oh and you are trying to get me banned.

I'm not your fwiend anymoar.

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I actually wouldn't be surprised. Fabio was the first one to "stand up" for Aabid and become his friend.

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