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Dr Strangeburn, or how I stopped mining and learned to fear the magma churn

Helm Lardar


Kogsak Likotsanreb was a member of the Merged Arches, the founder of the Rope of Sockets, a legendary miner, and the mayor of fortress Violencefenced. It was he who led the civilian population of our fortress to kill the hill titan Stror Nutsgullies after all the militia had been struck down, and the civilians punched, kicked, and bit their way to victory, shattering the titan's chitin and snapping its tendons despite the power of its silky webs.


Kogsak was advancing slowly towards a magma lake in the hope of creating a forge with his fellow miners, slowly because he felt each rock he came to for traces of the magma's heat, carefully, and yet faster than almost any other dwarf could perform such a task. It was not his fault when suddenly, magma poured out of a diagonal crevice he could not have seen, instantly melting his feet and causing him to crawl with horrid agility away from the gaping hole, now swiftly filling with magma. Kogsak was burning, and as he crawled his wounds bled. He made it 30 metres before his stumps ran out of blood and the smoke overtook him.


Hearing the swirl and crackling of the magma nearby, and seeing the puffs of smoke from his burned feet, the other miners rushed upstairs, forbidding all access to that level of the mines. Suddenly, another gust of smoke billowed up, and they realised his body was gone. Whatever hope they had kept for Kogsak was then lost, although they did not realise he was doomed from the moment the magma came as his feet were melted off.


There was no body to recover, and there can be no shining cobaltite coffin for the most beloved of all the dwarves of Violencefenced in the cemetery. A memorial must be carved by the greatest stoneworkers in the population, and surrounded by engravings. Rest eternal, sweet prince.


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