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You learn more about your friends everyday

Twist of Fate


"Okay, when I was a kid I had a runescape account like a lot of kids did and I always received really creepy messages on it. I could never understand it.


It was always guys following me around and asking if I was a guy or a girl. After I said I was a guy, they would get really disgusted and insult me and stuff. I never figured out why this would happen until I randomly thought about it when I was older.


I don’t know if you know my initials… but they’re BJ, which is unfortunate for me. Kid-Bryan did not understand what a BJ was. Kid-Bryan just didn’t know. Kid-Bryan thought BJ_master136 was a badass username.


Kid-Bryan was wrong."


Thank you Bryan that was very inspiring


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Yeah, everything's so innocent when you're a kid. Then you get older and absolutely everything has some sexual innuendo attached to it.


freakin' sex, whys u has to corrupt?

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