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Crazy Days



Turned 18 a few weeks ago. As is expected of someone who's turned 18, I've been ruining my liver/enjoying* dancing in a warm room ever since.


That's when I'm able to. Unfortunately I'm in Year 13 and that means a lot of work. I'm trying to get all my coursework done as soon as possible so I can focus on my small amount of summer exams (having sat my English Language exam in January rather than the summer). I have the motivation to do so, what with having offers from the two universities I had my heart set on going to, but I have spent most of the half-term break looking into life at the universities even more, just because I really want to be there now.


It's great being so close to something I've been working towards for such a long time. That's always been the real incentive!


I hope you are all enjoying yourselves so far this year and are close to achieving your goals too :)


*as far as I can recall


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