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Trip to Sweden + I'M SHOWING MY FACE TO YOU CREEPS OMG (I'm going to regret this)



So yeah, I and a few of my friends went on a three day cruise from Riga to Stockholm, Sweden. Had a really fun time (so fun, that I can't remember parts of last night). I've been to Stockholm like about 3-4 times already, but I still had fun just walking around the city and looking at stuff.


Spent a lot of time, looking for a Burger King, though (we went by metric shizzletons of McDonalds restaurants, but only found one Burger King). Also if anyone here is from Stockholm - where the hell are the grocery stores? We walked around for an hour trying to find one, but we could only find 7-11 and stores like that and they really don't offer that much food. Do Swedes even buy groceries? Or do they always eat at Restaurants? And I couldn't find bread anywhere. Like packaged bread.


Anyway here are some pictures:



nice doggy!, I'm from Latvia, your "cold weather" means nothing to me.



We found a Burger King (we don't have those in Latvia)!



Look at how excited I am!



Chilling with some Jagermeister.




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Lucky, I wish I could travel. :P Your facial expressions are hilarious. It does look freakin' cold, though! D:

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Was expecting to see angry comments over you giving you that title just to get viewers and not show your face, but you did show your face. Dangit.


And wowzers, I wouldn't be able to wear a t-shirt in the environment :P.

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Pale Blue Dot, on , said:




Is Sweden known for pot, or something?


Actually I'm pretty sure it has strict marijuana laws.


It's just a joke about how reddit loves reddit and loves weed so you just kinda combine the two. Yea.

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