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holy crap i remember that one time you warned me rip you goosedown you get what you deserved

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Guys this is heb0s mom he just killed himself i promise.


Look what you've done you jerks.




heb0's mom

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Dear Redmonke,


I am well. Thank you for asking. Living out here is hard, but we work hard and try to make a better life for ourselves. My brother is planning to travel to California to become a prospector, and perhaps he will strike it rich and be able to support our family and buy a new cow. I spoke to father about your advice on getting rid of potato beetles, and he said he would give it a try.


How are things on your farm? Was this year's harvest good? Everyone around here had poor yields, and the potato beetles ruined much of what we had, but we will manage. Hopefully your crops fared better.


Please write soon. I read mother all your letters and she always wants to hear more from you.


Your pal,



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Oh noes.

I cared most about you.

I took like ten hours trying to close the damn box

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