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I always find myself drawn back to this site just to see how everyone is doing, and instead of simply visiting and then lleaving like a bad one night stand I figured I should at least make a blog post. You know, to be gentleman-ly like, I guess.


A brief update on my life:


-Been reading a lot,since video games have been starting to be phased out of my life I need a new addiction. Barnes and Nobles' classics collection has become my best friend, especially with its "Buy two get the third free deal." I've become very attached to Franz Kafka. Oh, and I'm about halfway through Thus Spoke Zarathustra.

-Been writing almost as much as reading. Recently I have been writing more than reading. If you want a look a good portion of my writing is here: http://www.writersca...nlocks/writing/

-A lot of other stuff that I don't feel like mentioning.


So yeah, I guess now I can leave without feeling like an un-gentleman, so I guess this is bye once more.

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Also, Kafka is one bamf. What's your favorite work of his so far?


That is a hard one, I really liked Metamorphosis and I really enjoyed In the Penal Colony, but I guess Josephine the Singer, or the Mouse People may be my favorite so far.

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