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Physics: Mechanics, and Birthday Presents?



Drawn 2nd highest January result of a class of just under 20 students, with a D. Resitting that shizzle, just like err'body else.


Anyway, my granddad (who is in America) is offering to buy me something for my birthday. Just, I don't know what to get. Don't need headphones, don't need a phone, don't need a computer. Suggestions? Money isn't an option.

He'll probably spend up to like $100ish, but fire away.


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That was helpful.


I'm in the UK, and they're not easy to own here, not to mention impossible to ship ;)


He'll probably spend a few hundred actually, so ideas are appreciated.

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what computer can you buy for $100


"Few hundred"


He's not limited by money, more on an as-need basis. If I needed a computer he'd probably get me one.


Thanks for the help guise!!!

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