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Accidental 15 Minutes of Fame - My View





I wasn't really expecting any of it. Who would be? I've been a fan of Runeshark's videos pretty much ever since they started creating them. They're fun to listen to and their podcasts have made many hours of grinding Runescape pass by with ease. James had been pushing to be in the first 50 to reach 85 Slayer - tough, but certainly doable with a lot of effort.


Fast forward two weeks, to last Saturday, and he'd achieved it. He'd livestreamed it all and followed it up with his first whip drop and potentially the fastest Fight Caves attempt so far - impressive. Naturally, the next step is to camp Abyssal Demons and since they're low hitting, high hitpoint monsters, using Dharok's gear is a pretty good plan.


At least it would be, if Jagex's servers weren't conspiring against you. As detailed in this blog, I'd been watching the livestream from the beginning, it was only about 30 minutes since it had started and I'd decided to go say "Hi!" through the livestream camera to people in my current Skype call. After various shoutouts and dancing with people in the Slayer Tower, the world suddenly DC'd. Total, serverwide disconnection. James was dead.


I saw his items on the floor and after reconnecting first, I grabbed all my inventory could hold (which, coincidentally, was a whip, Dharok's helm and a fury). I was listening to both the livestream and my Skype call, so I couldn't really hear too much of what was going on, but I already knew that I was going to give all of the items back - that's just who I am.


James had said that he wanted the fury and the helm back, so that's what I traded first. After accepting that, he asked about the whip, and of course I gave that back too. A few people were asking if I did actually get given that money they promised and I can confirm I did. I've since watched back the 20 minutes or so following James' death, pretending to be watching it live and not knowing what would happen - it certainly put a different spin on things!


After I'd given the items back, my PMs and FC were being flooded with lovely messages either deeming me a legend or deciding that I'd be a good Pope. Everyone in the Skype call and quite a few members of Sal's and Canting jumped into my FC to act as mods/to answer questions, which was very helpful.


The stream wanted me on Skype, and I had to oblige. It was nerve wrecking at first, but following some encouraging words, I stepped in and said hello.


"OMG he's normal!", spammed the chat. A comforting sign, although I have to question what would determine something that wasn't. Regardless, I tried my best to fit in. I've watched their podcasts before and the guests they have often find it hard to talk, as it's tough to guess the line between interrupting to enhance conversation and being rude. Thankfully, it went well though! The full video is available here. I give the stuff back at about 1:10:00 and he dies a few minutes before that.


Recommended Comments

That was one of the most exciting Runescape moments ever! I've also since watched it back and it certainly did put a different spin on it. Remember that we were watching from our Skype call, because MFI was typing hello to us in the background of the Runeshark livestream. It was funny. But we weren't listening to it. We were listening to each other.


Watching it back, with James's dialogue, I could see the high drama that played out for the live audience at the time. We didn't share that, because we knew the second MFI picked the stuff up. We also knew that he was going to return it. We equally heard his frustration when he got the random (Giles), because that delayed giving back the whip. That was going to be his big finale!


But it was that anyway. That was insane! With lots of well deserved acclaim. <3

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I'm still waiting to hear back from the publishers following my work on the last line. ;)

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Thank you all! And it's a shame it got removed, Jamie hahahaha.

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