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Coming soon: guide to gnomes

Helm Lardar


There are a lot of things to be said about various races in Runescape. I've been browsing, and I don't think it is an issue particularly well covered by many (or any) fansites. While most will have a guide covering the different gods, which is an important and sensible thing to do (by the way, is there a consensus on whether they are gods or Gods, or are only the Elder Gods called Gods?), but a lot of races have a great depth of apparent lore that we miss out on. I've currently run out of member credit, so I need to buy some more at some point, but...


...I think I'll write a guide about gnomes while I dither. COMING SOON:


From Gandius Undri to Ta Quir Priw: A Gnowledgeable Guide to Gnomes


While you're salivating in anticipation (not) enjoy this excellent zybez guide to old gnomish, the preferred language of this race: http://www.zybez.net/tomes/35/gnome_translation/.


P.S. I'm sort of posting this to see what happens to the featured blog. It's been up for a while, and I'm glad it was popular.


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I'm pretty excited about this. Gnomes are awesome, and they definitely deserve a place on our website detailing their race.


Looking forward to it! :D

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I'm interested to see what this will be about. Is this for the current game or 07 scape?

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Current game. I think I've done most of the text, I just need to work out if I've missed anything, proof read, possibly change some of the headings, and take screenshots.


Largely lore based, not gameplay. I could add in a section about what gnome quests unlock, though.

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