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Scary Food Item


I got an email for my 7 year anniversary here and then I saw someone link to Sal's on Reddit so I decided to stop in and say hi. I don't recognize any of you and there are probably very few of you who recognize me, but trust me I was a huge celebrity back in the day, and the most relevant community reference I can think of is to MyChemicalRomanceZezima666. That guy was awesome.


Anyway, I thought I'd just leave this here. I'm a freshman in college now and life is just peachy. I'm never coming back except to leave a giant picture of a birthday cake or something on my 10th anniversary. Most of the posts I made here are from when when I was an angsty 8th-9th grader so please don't read them. It's 12:30 here and I should really get to bed. Peace


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