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Googley problem



Sometymes I can't type stoof on the google searchbar. When I type something and press enter at the top, it shows what I searched but the page stays frozen. I can switch tabs and everything... I just can't use that tab so I gotta close and start a new one.



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lol google it noob


Are you referring to the little toolbar that you can put at the top of your browser window or the website Google itself? I couldn't quite tell by your description. Either way, though, you should try a different Internet browser and see how things turn out. If the alternate browser works fine, there's obviously something wrong with your usual one. In that case, maybe remove an add-on/extension that you had just downloaded or something. If nothing works, reinstalling the browser will probably be your best bet, assuming it isn't too much of an inconvenience.

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People still use the Google home search engine? I've gone full omnibar search.

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