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Custom knife



My grandpa gave me a set of antlers for making knife handles so naturally the first one I make has to be for him. I'm still building a heat treating oven so I'm still at the edge shaping stage:




I don't suppose anyone knows their way around electrical stuff? That's all that needs to be finished on my oven, I've got all the bricks and stuff laid.


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Oooh, I wasn't actually expecting anyone to know. There's two things I don't do: electrical and plumbing. :P


This is the oven I'm making, but using 1 heating element at 120V, and this is the controller manual with figure 12 being the one similar to what I'm doing (ignore the buzzer and thing called rtd). My main concerns are wire gauge and what connections would be proper (because if I remember correctly, the high temp wire connecting to the element ends looks to be made of different metal then what the rest uses).


Edit: I'll just get some pictures or video of my setup soon as well.

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I made a quick video but the steel I'm using now is treated at 1500 F and all my purchased parts are rated over 2000 F.

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Protip: sharpening the blade is the LAST thing to do in all cases


Source: a friend and a fair bit of his blood supply decorating the garage floor :P


(just needed a few stitches in the end, though)

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Yeah, you just need to get the general shape with about a dime's width edge before heat treat otherwise there's going to be a lot of grinding after.

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You'll want to use at least a 14 gauge wire, preferably a 12 gauge (the core of the wire doesn't matter so much, it really depending on what connections your controller and your line in has- just keep in mind the temp rating of the wire. Hook up the element pigtails to the wire using either a butt-end or parallel splice connector rated for use in kilns (or if you're bamf, you could do a tack [email protected]), if you can find a way to embed the connection in the fire bricks it'd be gud- the pigtails won't get quite as hot as the rest of the element.

For the wires that hook up to the heat element via the stainless steel bolts through the oven, I have this guy on both ends which is 12 gauge.




Above though, where the heating element's high temp wire connects to the neutral (top red circle) confuses me. The high temp wire I found out is nickel plated copper, that'll be okay being attached to much thinner plain copper wire?


Does the ssr's live wire (lower red circle) need to be any different than, say, the controller's wire coming in from the wall outlet?


I think those are the last of my questions. I'll find someone licensed around here too, I swear!

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Y'know, I can't think of why copper and nickel-plated copper can't mix. There's already copper touching nickel in the wire already!

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