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Contact info and final thoughts on RS



Becoming inactive these days since I don't play RS at all anymore and stuff. My Sal's profile has some contact info if you want to stay in touch. I'll probably come back for the high quality tech support this place has.




Okay final thoughts on Runescape as an mmo I grew up with, it's pretty much an mmo that can't be beaten (yet). It offered an actual feel of an online open world experience, entertaining non-generic quests, and many fun things that I don't see myself doing in other games. The only problem that I feel I grown from it is my picky choice in MMOs, as quest-based progression mmos don't really appeal to me, and I get more sucked into more unique stuff rather than the generic stuff with a little makeup on it. Anyways, Runescape was a great game to grow up with, I'm glad I played that rather than WoW or Maplestory.


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