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I thought I'd swing by to formally bow out of this forum. I'm way too busy these days and I've had to be ruthless in selecting what to assign to my limited recreational time.


Many thanks to all the creeps in the Entertainment thread, where I spent most of my time. Particularly, the regular contributor's to the Music Recommendations Thread. Also, thanks to those few Debate Room nerds who engaged in genuine argument in the interest of progressive discussion. Props to Jack-Nicholson and Whitey for being rad.


I may find myself coming back once in a while, but for practical reasons, this is THE END of Mr. Grieves / Hyrax.


If you want to stay in touch then find me on Facebook here. Please let me know who you are, otherwise I may not accept you.

And if you want to keep up with my electronic music stuff, you can get news here and listen to it here.

I've got some other projects coming up, but I'll probably mention those on the I Am a Car Facebook page.


WELL, I think that's that.



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