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I'm Hunter and this is my blog: Girlfriend, IN THE NAVYYYY, and College (idk what that is in American)





so life




Le Girlfriend


9 months! ._. Didn't realise that'd happen, here's to the rest of the year, and then many, many more. We seem so... I dunno, fitting for each other :P


um ye so basically just boasting. I guess. I really don't deserve her though so I'll boast as little as I can ;-;


Navy and stuff


Haven't actually enlisted or anything, but I'm narrowing my ideas on what I want to do. I'd like to be a pilot - either fast jets or helicopter - in the Fleet Air Arm. But this is reliant on getting decent A-Level results, something I'm unsure of. I'm currently in the cadets, and having visited the bases and a couple of their ships I must say I'm fairly keen on the lifestyle. Hm.


Girlfriend is also looking to join, as a rate, not an officer. I wanna be an officer.




College ye. For americans Idk what this is, it's basically ages 16-18. I'm 16, in a year early though... so there's that.


Currently studying, in order of favourite to least favourite;






Well not strictly that order, but basically Architecture/Art are both somewhat difficult in some areas and somewhat boring. ICT is just easy. And Physics rocks, would recommend.


As it happens 2 of my courses - Art and Physics - are A-levels and two are BTECs, meaning A-levels = Exams and BTECs = fully coursework. In actual fact Art is also heavily coursework but hey ho.


Current rough grades for subjects are a bit crap - for example in Physics I scored an A on my mock exam for January, but got a D in the actual thing (which was the 2nd highest score to my credit - many an E and U were scored). I'm retaking - currently the year is scored out of 300, and I've got 98 IIRC - the last paper is 150 marks so I've currently achieved 98/150. The pass mark is 120/300, so I need 22 on the last paper to score an E. Then the scale gets tight - I believe it's a mere 20 more marks to get a C from there. I'm also retaking the first exam which I got a D on, and hopefully I'll score well there :D


Erm, Art, the lecturer scores EVERYONE'S books, from people she thinks will achieve A's, to people who "will fail if they don't put more work in". And lo and behold she says "it's impossible to grade your book" - IE she doesn't know what to score it. But she said "Above an E", which is all I wanted from that god forsaken subject.


ICT I'm up to "Distinction" (A-grade) work almost everywhere so far, a few more assignments to do.


Architecture I haven't even got the Pass (E-grade) work done yet so yeah. Considering that counts as 2 courses, I'm kinda screwed there.


And that's my life thanks for reading guys!


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I feel bad now that I'm not hyped to see my girlfriend. I hope you're all doing well too!

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