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curse has spread!!!!!



bronies here @ sals have intoxicated another member under their treacherous wing!



rip in peace tabt former non-brony forumer




post ur best memories of this fallen member!!



mine was when she kicked me from sals fc 4 somethin zapy did


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I remember being kicked from the fc once when I was killing waterfiends in that dungeon with mith dragons at barb assault with my zspear and karils because there was a spammer in the chat and he left and then a mod kicked me and then everybody left the chat so I could join again that was rly cool.

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i used to play rs w/ tabt before she was pmod and befor we used to skype 2gether butnow she is bronie scum :/

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reepi u could do a mlp mafia and mafia r bronies and town r ppl trying 2 kill bronie

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You may also want to go take a look at Sal's profile. :P

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