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no it cannot be



i have news from my inteligence unit that sal has also been overthrown by the leader of the bronies and hav now made him a puppet leader!!!!


we know u r not wanting 2 be a brony sal, we understand that u r being controlled, we know that they will kill u if u do not obey!

they've got tabt and now sal


and im not sur about Jethraw but he appears to be an ass (huehuheuhuhuehuheuhe)




we r the resistance

we must fight this war against bronies


we do not forget


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I have a chain of emergency shelters for just such an emergency.


Here, I'll give you the coordinates via a very secret chain of mail.

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Make this easier for yourselves gentlemen! There is enough cupcakes and love to go around....

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I am invincible to conversion.

No matter how many times you say "Wololo," it isn't going to happen.

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Sorry guys they took advantage of my weakness to convert me: turtles with sunglasses. I'm ashamed of myself.

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