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Hai Guys



I will try to be more social with you guys since I'm done school for the summer and stuffs. Still no time for RS though; gotta work like no other. Dat 250k education bill.


Anyways, I'm done with high school and will be moving away to college soon. I miss (most of) you guys. So I'll probably be hanging around the forums and blogs a bit nowadays.


Also, what is up with this brony stuffs?


And Micael: I'm sorry about Benfica :P


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Hey Paladin great to see you around again. :D


And yeah what a bloody nightmare, in just two weeks we lost the Portuguese League (2-1 loss vs Porto when we had two more points, they scored their second goal in the 93rd minute...), the Europa League and Portuguese cup finals. ;_;

I still can't believe. :cry:

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