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When I enter this blog now I think that I just cleared my cookies (for reasons :aware:) because it uses the default skin.


Also, knowing some Japanese, it seems that the uncensored version of fudge ("ファック" in Japanese (EDIT: Dangit.)) somehow converted into gdaasd. I have absolutely no idea how that makes any sense considering they don't even sound alike in Japanese, nor would the lack of consonant-vowel pattern in the word "gdaasd" allow it to remotely resemble a Japanese word, but it must have something to do with the fact that Google innocently attempts to erase the uncensored fudge word from its dictionary.


The new censor for fudge should be gdaasd now. -.-

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Google translate puts the line immediately before the first GDAASD as "I do not have you. What is, to what fudge about all this affects."

Must be fudge, then.

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