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Total War mod concept: Star Wars (episode none): A New Pope

Helm Lardar


I'm sure you people aren't interested, I just wanted to post this somewhere. It's an idea for a Star Wars mod for Medieval II: Total War, a supremely moddable game. However, rather than go for the total conversion (which everyone seems to want to do with IPs like this), I reckon it would work much better as a crossover between Medieval Europe and the Star Wars IP. This allows easy removal of anything that doesn't really work in Total War but does in Star Wars (e.g. AT-AT walkers), requires less effort, and doesn't force you to add in weird stuff like inter-planetary warfare and space battles. In other words, I think my idea is better than what other people want for Star Wars Total War. But I can't post that in TWcenter, so I'll post my idea here instead, both for you guys to have a wall of text to read and for me to save it somewhere off my computer.




It is 1200 AD. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, a cataclysmic event in the force has teleported a single battle across time and space into the height of Medieval Europe. For the first time, the citizens of Earth have discovered the presence of the force, a universal phenomenon that binds all life together. The transported invaders, known as ‘Jedi’ to the common people, bring with them weapons of exceptional power and abilities that make them incredibly influential. They have taken control of four kingdoms: those of Edinburgh, Marrakesh, Novgorod, and Constantinople, and spread a new, powerful religion based on understanding of the force. The catholic church denounces this as pagan heresy, but it is not clear that it will be able to withstand it.


New and devastating armies now gather to march into continental Europe. The Jedi, recalling days of a glorious past, bring to battle squadrons of lightsaber users and devastating force powers, along with battalions of ‘blaster’ rifles. They send forth agents who are harbingers of conquest: supernaturally influential diplomats, unbelievably stealthy assassins, and superbly invisible spies. Each Jedi faction is keen to conquer all the major cities of the world, in the hope that this may allow them to control the flow of force users entering the world. Such a thing could be a blessing, or it could be terrible indeed.


However, there is still hope. The Jedi are strong in battle, but unused to the diseases of this world and still susceptible to a death from old age. Not all of the new technology is entirely in their favour: blasters do not require knowledge of the force to use, as many have realised, and the Jedi insistence on use of the lightsaber means they prefer to fight on foot, an ideal at odds with the heavy cavalry employed by catholic nations. Finally, though armour from their lands may laugh in the face of massed crossbow and archer fire, it is limited and near-impossible to reproduce in large quantities. Jedi will have to find a way to counter these issues if they are to achieve victory on Earth.


It is also possible that the Jedi did not only arrive near Europe…


What it needs:


· 4 new kingdoms, led by force users (‘jedi’, but these can be light or dark). Scotland, Moors, Russia, and Byzantine Empire are these kingdoms.

· The map is set 120 years after the start of the game, and an imagined history has taken place. Scotland controls all of the British isles. The Moors have taken over most of the Iberian Peninsula. The Byzantines have control of half of Asia Minor. The Russians have conquered Poland and the lands East. In addition, the non-jedi factions have also been at war: France occupies its modern area and Northern Iberia, HRE has Germany and Scandinavia, there is 1 Italian city state, the Papal States, which has taken the best troops from all 4 of them (Venetian heavies, Norman Knights, Genoese Crossbows, Broken lances, etc). Poland/Venice/Milan/Sicily/Denmark/Portugal/Spain no longer exist.

· Jedi factions have a new religion (the Force), and their ‘churches’ allow them to recruit not only priests but at a higher level force users. Only suitably ‘pious’ cities can recruit battlefield Jedi, who come in 3 variants: eagle, ninja, and berserker.

· Jedi have smaller limits on agents, who are extra effective. Bounty Hunters are assassins, Diplomats can force persuade (they are exceptional bribers), and Spies are also naturally very powerful. No current use for merchants/inquisitors.

· Jedi do not use castles or the basic weak militia units (the two barrack types are merged). They recruit blaster units from highly upgraded ranges and can also recruit grenadiers. Blaster cavalry is a late-game option.

· Exceptionally well-developed characters get battlefield force powers: e.g. potential to inspire own troops, to cause fear, to paralyze enemy, etc.


How it should play out:


· Europe gradually increases in power through the game, but a skilled Jedi faction can overcome this with strong leaders and good tactics.

· Eventually, Jedi will reach each other. They will end up fighting each other for dominance of the major cities.

· As the game develops, more and more Star Wars stuff comes into play, with increased blaster usage, more lightsabers, and more special agents.

· Eventually, we’re getting epic battles of blaster battalions, run ‘n’ gun cavalry, and jedi legionaries. Meanwhile bounty hunters often assassinate and spies are a consistent issue while leaderless armies are quickly bribed. Politics and conquest merge to create an environment of Total War.


What I need to learn how to mod:

· Modelling new weapons and armour (lightsaber, blaster, Jedi robes, battle plastic armour)

· Modelling new campaign map agents (Jedi priest/diplomat/spy/general, Bounty Hunter)

· Editing and creating new buildings.

· Editing the core campaign map.

· Edit in new weapon types (largely blaster, or just learn how to change bullet to red bolts)

· Adding special abilities, a la Kingdoms: Crusades

· Adding new units.



In short, learn pretty much everything about Medieval II: Total War modding except advanced scripting (which I might want to do later on). It seems unlikely I’ll be able to get any help unless I’m already pretty good at some of this stuff and have learned how to do a lot of it. I should expect an uphill struggle if I ever want to make this, and should not expect to get outside help and keep my ‘artistic vision’ intact.


Recommended Comments

Capital "C"s in Catholic Church sir. Capital "C"s -.-


Your idea sounds great but the Church should have the ability to harness and slowly reverse-engineer the Jedi tech tree. Otherwise, the Jedis would be so OP.

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Capital "C"s in Catholic Church sir. Capital "C"s -.-


Your idea sounds great but the Church should have the ability to harness and slowly reverse-engineer the Jedi tech tree. Otherwise, the Jedis would be so OP.


Reverse-engineer the tech tree sounds interesting but it's not necessarily easy to see how it's done in Total War. You could use the Kingdoms: Americas system, but what I think I prefer is a situation where the jedi tech level increases over time until Catholic europe is obliterated (although they can still get hold of blaster rifle regiments, albeit with more trouble than Jedi) and the Jedi have a great big civil war. There are 4 of them, so they'll all end up fighting and have epic jedi v jedi battles, which I think is the core of what I want in the mod.

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Yeah but the Americas system at least gave the Natives a fighting chance. The combat wasn't so stacked to the Spanish despite them having stronger arms and armour.


Aiming to have the obliteration of Catholic Europe (capital E in Europe :P) as the end goal won't be fair to the guys who actually want to play as it (namely Catholic me :lol: )

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As I recall, the Aztecs were by far the most effective faction in Americas. Thunder braves weren't very useful even once you did get them, and I felt like the Spaniards sucked.


While you can probably get blaster regiments, if the jedi don't have a civil war between each other then I'd feel like the mod has failed. You could start as a catholic faction, but you'd only be able to get your hands on people who could use lightsabers well if you converted to the way of the force. Which is obviously not what you want. Still, in theory a skilled player should be able to beat back the Jedi, but the AI catholics should always eventually lose.

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