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y helo thar

Lee M16


I'm not dead. I just got distracted for way too long again.


I'm finally a senior, and for the third time in my five years I got football tickets for this season. Roll Tide? So ready to graduate, but if I get all passing grades I'll finally be out in May. I still need to come up with a research project to do for my minor's final class. Any suggestions?


I've started cooking more, and drinking more. Recently made a Maker's Mark bourbon bundt cake, and am currently eating a pasta thing i improvised at 1 am. (In case you are wondering shu, it's angel hair marinara, pan seared cajun andouille, shredded 5 Italian cheese and a sprinkling of parmesan.) I can post pictures if anyone asks.


Anyway... getting tired of being turned down from every job I apply for here... it's like they see I'm from SC or used to work for Aramark (big bully down here) and immediately throw my application out. Running low on money, had to start doing yardwork and moving things for people to feed myself.


I've been having crazy dreams recently, not sure why. Probably lack of sleep schedule and adequate daily activities to exhaust me. Or it could be that I'm still freaking growing. Hopefully I can finish growing soonish... be nice to not be exhausted ALL THE TIME.


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What does Texas A&M and the moon have in common?


Alabama has declared war on both of them.

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