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Castle Drakan exclusive

Twist of Fate


So I've updated the Meiyerditch guide with pictures and I'm really not a fan of going to this place even though it's one of my favorites. While I was there I decided to take as much out of it as possible and present to you these pictures of the Castle Drakan and surrounding areas. I know there are a lot of you who have done the quest but can't be bothered going back to just look around, and many others who haven't yet gotten to this area. Therefore, I present to you these pictures from one of my favorite places to shoot. Some of them are really big so I'm just linking them all.


Looking toward the main grounds



Overlook of the Mort Myre swamp



Looking northwest with Canifis and the Mort Myre swamp visible



Looking north toward the Haunted Woods. Wasn't able to see Port Phasmatys from here.



Rooftops of Meiyerditch seen from near the inaccessible entrance to the castle.



Barrows and Mort'ton visible


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