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A Quick Little Interesting Story



Today was my first day of work (outside of orientation) at Barnes & Noble. A co-worker trained me on certain aspects of customer service, including placing holds on books for customers. When one places a hold at Barnes & Noble, a sheet is automatically printed with the person's last name alongside some purchase info. One then takes the hold paper, aligns it with the book so that the last name is running vertically down the spine, and then puts a rubber band on them.


My first hold was for someone with the last name "Persons." I printed out the sheet, rubber-banded it to the book, and walked over to the "holds" shelf. It's organized by the alphabet. I found the "P" section and placed the book on the shelf. Then I looked at the book next to it. The last name of the customer placing a hold on that book was "Peoples."


So in front of me was "Peoples" and "Persons" next to each other.


This was probably the highlight of my day and I find it really awesome, I just wanted to share it with you guys. :P Serendipity like this is rare and I like to appreciate it.


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