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Parkour being the stuff without flips n shizzle, though I might learn that at some stage.


I've sort of taken it upon myself to spend some of my time - hopefully some time out with friends every week - learning parkour. We went out last Thursday, and tested the waters (3 of us). I'm fairly happy with my current abilities - I can do basic landings and rolls (rolls on grass for now), I can tac up a small wall, I can do basic vaults, and I can climb walls to some extent.


Does anyone else do parkour? Has anyone got any tips? I'd like to get through as much as I can, though I live in the middle of nowhere so meet-ups once or twice a week are the only time I really have to learn the majority of things.


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I do parkour. The only real tips I have, is allllways check your surroundings and KNOW what's on the other side of something you're about to jump over/vault. I had a friend that was about to vault a concrete ledge, and halfway into the vault he realized it was a 20 foot drop loading zone on the otherside. He caught himself before throwing himself over, but scared the shizzle out of all of us.


Careful when trying to roll on concrete the first time whenever you decide to try it. I did it so slowly and lightly the first time I tried it, and got stabbed by tiny rocks I couldn't even see. It hurts a lot more than you think it would.


Only attempt something if you're 100% sure you can do it. There's plenty of fail videos out there of people trying to show off how good at parkour they are, but fall off of something they were climbing that was beyond their skill.


Also, if you're climbing anything, make sure you have a way down. I always climb stuff only to realize there's no real way to get back down safely. Careful out there!

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we saw some people 'practising' parkour in public and i can say that it was the most cringiest thing I've ever seen


dont be cringy if u practise in public :- )

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Yeah, luckily most climbs and stuff we do are around town, we know town pretty well. Though it's small and there are surprisingly few suitable areas to do things :(


Rolling on a hard surface is one of my big fears, so I'll probably take a couple of days to learn that alone... I want to get it right - a few people I know do it anyway, but they don't roll right. They ache for days after, and always nice doggy! about how much it hurts.

Hell, one guy was doing gymnastic rolls ><


As for climbing, I haven't really found I can climb a lot of stuff yet. Like, I climbed a tree, and that was fun, but it was a tree. I can run up walls and haul over, but I don't think that really counts as climbing. But I'll keep that in mind.


Thanks! :)



we saw some people 'practising' parkour in public and i can say that it was the most cringiest thing I've ever seen


dont be cringy if u practise in public :- )


Will try, less cringy with other people around you to laugh it off.

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