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Stuck at a hell hole.



Sorry if the title is inappropriate. What it is referring to, is my job. I'm usually an easy going guy, and it is very hard to make me mad. As in, you could punch me in the face and I probably wouldn't be mad (that doesn't mean I want you to). But I am getting fed up with my job. The only 2 reasons I have stayed this long, is because they work around my college schedule, and I have worked there for 2 years. And of course, it's the only place hiring (because nobody wants to work there, or works there for a few days-weeks-months at the most). Today I honestly think I'm lucky I didn't get fired. Afterall, I yelled at 2 customers, 3 co workers, and my manager. I really want to quit, but with possibly needing a new phone, and college, and saving up for my next college (which will be more expensive than my current college, about 2 or 3 times more money, ) I can't afford to quit, and there are no jobs out there that are hiring, especially people who already have a job regardless if they will quit their first job or not for the second job.


Other than that, I have had people ask me to apply to be a shift lead (which means i get a $.50 raise). I said no, because I know I won't get it. Of the people who have applied so far, it's been my friend who deserves it more than me, shift lead who wants to be a lead for 2 positions, and an employee who is a major suck up. Even though my friend and I have worked their longer than anybody else, and we helped train the mentioned shift lead (who sucked up to get the position), I guarantee one of the latter 2 will get the position.


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You won't know unless you try. The only way to guarantee you won't get the job is to not apply.

Of course I have applied..to literally every job in the area, except factory jobs, as they are all fulltime+ overtime year round, which won't work with college. But I'm thinking about it, working 40-60 hours a week plus 15 credit hours..i'll just have to OD energy drinks for 2-3 semesters.

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oh. Well, I put that paragraph in the wrong tense. It should be past tense. I found out today that the application due date for shift lead was a week or 2 ago, but the reason I posted it was because I don't think I would've gotten it anyways, considering the others who applied. Besides that, I would rather my friend get the position, and there's a chance I would've gotten it over her because she isn't popular with the managers (the managers believe she isn't honest, and she has issues with the suckup).

But yeah, wish I would've thought of that, but either way, i doubt I'm going to find another job. Most jobs around here pitch applications/resumes if they see you have another job, even if you say you'll quit if you get the job. And obviously it's not a good idea to lie. On top of that, there is favoritism (managers hiring relatives or friends who aren't even qualified, or shouldn't be, over others), as well as the fact that the high school I transferred to my junior year, doesn't have a good reputation with a lot of people. I know for a fact that my application was pitched at at least 6 jobs simply because of the school I went to.

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