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Now I'm worried.



Had an average day at work. Got home, and then when uptown, and got some drinks from Circle K (Marley's mellow mood, and some mountain dew), and headed home. I got to a 3 way intersection. I got in the left turn lane behind 3 other vehicles, the first one turned left quickly, the second one started out quick but slowed down, and as I approaced the intersection, the front of my car was in the intersection, the light turned red. I didn't want to sit there with the front of my car in the intersection so I continued on. However, there is a camera. As I already have points on my license, I am now officially worried. I'll be mad if I do get points, because the the 2 cars ahead of me likely didn't have their foot on the gas when turning. Obviously I don't expect them to turn so fast that they would flip their car, but trust me, they could've gone faster. And the light was red until 5 seconds after I got in to the left turn lane.


Idk why I'm making such a big deal about this, but I am worried.


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If your car is in the intersection before the light turns red, you won't get in trouble for it.


At least that's how it is in texas.

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Most places recognise that once you have entered the intersection legally ( eg BEFORE the red) its safer, if not an obligation, to keep going & get out of the way, rather than stop dead & block traffic/cause an accident.

If anything comes of it, you should be able to argue ^ & get out of it like shu.

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In a lot of places (at least in this state), you can turn right even when the light is red, but generally if you're already in when the light turns red and you're not turning there shouldn't really be a problem.

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