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New life



So for the past ~3.5 weeks I have been living in Townsville, in a dorm at the university here... I like it. At times, it's the happiest I have been in a long time.


But, at the same time, I am terrible with people and the motions are so draining. Smiling at the right time. Saying the right words. Helping those who need help. Sometimes it's too much and whenever I'm alone it all catches up. I can't tell if I am fine or horribly depressed. I just finished crying alone in my room while I read a book.


I'll definitely be staying next year. I have friends again, it's been a while. I just hope it gets easier.


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I think I kinda have this problem too.

I say stuff and everything gets awkward.

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Being alone whenever you're tired of company is never a bad thing. I know I'm always one of the first to leave a party (not that I go to many parties :cute:) because socialising really drains my energy.

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I'm fine when I'm actually with people, it's when they leave and I have time to think that I start stressing and all my energy just drains out of me and I get sad.


Townsville is a beautiful place


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Oh. I can see how that's a problem :/ You could try seeing a psychologist maybe if it's not too expensive? Could help a lot :)

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