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A Day To Remember (AKA my first concert)

lord earth13


I've never been to a concert in my life. One of my favourite bands, A Day to Remember, was coming to my city so I decided to go. The opening bands were ok, and I actually felt kind of bored at times... but as soon as ADTR got on stage I lost my shizzle. Mosh pit, circle mosh, toilet paper rolls flying everywhere, it was so fun. One of the band mates was shooting t-shirts into the crowd wearing a penguin costume, and eventually got into an inflatable raft and crowd surfed using that. So many luls.


There were balloons also flying everywhere, but a lot of people were either catching them and keeping them, or immediately popping them.... Until a certain different balloon was floating around... It was a blown up condom, which I found kind of hilarious.


It was even better because ADTR played pretty much all my favourite songs by them, so that helped a lot too.


10/10 wud go agan :trumpet: :trumpet: :pirate2::holiday::jester:


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I have still yet to experience a concert, that sounds amazing as! Im not sure I know that band, what kind of music do they make?

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@Army of One: Punk pop, my favourite genre. They have really heavy stuff, really soft stuff, and they also hit that sweet spot right between the heavy and the soft.


@Taker: I know! They came last year too, so I'm hoping they'll come again next year. Definitely going again if they do. I might try to track them down in my city since I know they walk around whenever they come here.

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I saw these guys live once. Incredible experience. Sounds a lot like what you're talking about here. Glad you enjoyed it :)

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