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Dwarf Fortress: Anyone interested in some posts about this?

Helm Lardar


Here's what would happen:

  • You guys would comment, saying "I want my name to be the nickname of a dwarf that does X".
  • I would go through the dorfs, nickname them after anyone who commented (significant dorfs, first, others later).
  • I would then play the game, and post updates on anything significant, obviously including anything significant done by a nicknamed dorf.


For the most awesome example of how this can turn out, see the SomethingAwful lets's plays, like Boatmurdered, Gemclod, Bronzestabbed, Headshoots, etc etc. I'm currently playing a fortress called Guisemined. If you don't know what Dwarf Fortress is, think "Rollercoaster Tycoon, but in ASCII, with dwarves in a randomly generated fantasy world, and much more complicated". As an example of how the fortress is going, we've endured multiple recent ambushes and small flooding problem, but the legendary hammerdwarf has made short work of the underground shale fortress and the location in general is expanding smoothly. It's fun!


If you're interested (or just want to see what a sample post would look like) post, giving a nickname (I'd expect your Sals name), and a profession range (there are lots of jobs, but they fall into the categories of Noble, Soldier, Miner, Woodworker, Stoneworker, Ranger, Doctor, Farmer, Fisher, Metalsmith, Jeweller, Crafter, Mechanic, and Peasant Hauler). Or, you can give a migration wave number. And you can give a gender you'd like to be too if you want! I can't promise to honour any of these choices, but I'll try not to ignore them.


Please be interested.


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I've always wanted to play it, but the learning curve seems too steep for me.

You can create a woodworker with my name lol, since I was such a WC pro in RuneScape.

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The learning curve isn't that bad once you've accepted you'll spend about 10 hours on youtube. After a few hours, you've learned the basic tools to teach yourself anything you don't know about the game, and you can get playing.


You're now dorfed as 'Fabis' Vucartinoth, my only legendary carpenter. To give you a fun bit of narrative: your dorf is 42 (I can upload the thoughts screen if you want, there's a lot of info) and made an artifact, Babaved Angatir, Petclobbered the Red Dyes, an ashen bucket worth 4800 (not great, but an artifact nonetheless). It's used for the well.

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Same as Fabis here. I could never really get into it, but it looks exceptionally cool :P


I'd like to be a warrior with my name :D It fits :cute:

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Excellent! I'm glad you're picking different professional groups, as there's rarely more than one interesting dorf per 'genre' of jobs.


Since you asked first, you can be 'Reepicheep' (formerly 'Hammer Bembul') Likotzafal Alakkakdal Dumed. While that sounds awesome in dwarfish, it means 'Inkyair the Ace Brim of Fortifying'. Make of that what you will. You (or rather your dorf) are 44, and legendary at hammerdwarfing (you're also the fortress hammerer, a noble position), shield using, and fighting generally. Equipped with an iron hammer you forged yourself (and a lot of armour, all of it stolen), you have 13 notable kills and 8 other kills.


In case you're wondering how this one dwarf is so powerful, it's because I used an exploit known as the 'danger' room: I sat you on a tile with 10 wooden training spears and got a dwarf to pull a connected lever back and forth until you were very powerful. This is because I'm bad at the military side of the game and tend to just lose dorfs. If you don't like this, feel free to request another profession, but you're the only danger-roomed dorf and I think it's a pretty cool position to be in.


In your last exploit, you confronted a weretapir with long sandy hair, and although he initially knocked you over, he turned into a human. You knocked the teeth out of the human, gave him multiple fractures, and then killed him. It was good work in a dangerous situation.

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Hey why not. Micael Fatia (or just Micael) and some sort of mage class? If you can't be a mage then noble sounds good.

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No mages in fortress mode (apart from necromancers outside), but I'll put you in a noble position. Since a lot of them could be pretty boring, you can be our resident historian, 'Micael Fatia' Uzolakrul. She's the fortresses' only permitted engraver (basically so she'll start making masterpieces faster), the fortresses' broker (in charge of valuing everything in the fort, providing assessments of our wealth/income/exports and dealing with traders) and is 47. Your dorf is married with 5 children, and recently engraved your first masterpiece (the highest level of quality below artifacts...an artifact can only be made once by any dwarf and takes some time to complete), which was rather amusingly all about the removal of the previous broker!

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