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A young suicide



So yesterday morning I found out an ex-coworker committed suicide. I want to add that she is 17. It's really devastating, because this is the second person my age that I can think of, that has committed suicide. Not only that, but I'm good friends with her sister, who works with me. I'm also good friends with one of her best friends. This girl and I aren't very close, even when we worked together, we barely talked. I guess it just really shocks me that she would commit suicide. She was always the happy easy going type, she was always cheerful, never showed any signs of depression, or wanting to commit suicide. On top of that, a lot of guys liked her, and she was a great athlete, even got college offers and awards due to her athletic abilities. I never liked working with her, though, because I felt she was lazy (she called off half the time, and when she was at work, she sat around).


This has gotten me thinking of the results of suicide. Many people are upset about. I myself have contemplated suicide, and I feel jealous because I don't even know for sure who would be upset over me, but at the same time, upset with myself for thinking like that. I feel sorry for her sister, who is also very kind. I'm scared for her best friend, who is also one of my best friends. That best friend is away for military training, and she graduates the day of the funeral (that's when she's going to get her phone back and learn of this bad news. I'm scared for them both,especially the latter, I wish I could help.


Well it's getting late, time to rap up with life is too short.


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"Smiling" depression. I've a hunch a couple of colleagues of mine suffer from it.


Drastic drop in motivation compared to the past, coming in late when formerly always punctual, taking more leave than usual plus a few major stressful life events they've hinted about.


It's sad she felt she was in so much pain that she saw death as the only way to end it. Like you say, she leaves behind people who care for her, even if she may have thought no one did or that she'd be a burden to them.

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It just gets me because she's close to my age, and while I feel worthless, I literally don't have any achievements I can brag about, where as she had a decent life. I heard she broke up with her boyfriend 2 days before, but I hope that wasn't the reason why she committed suicide.

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Yeah this happens a lot. They look fine on the outside but inside they are not. Two people from my high school class have gone the way of suicide and one I would never have guessed he had something going wrong with him.

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Lately, I have been thinking a lot about her best friend, who I'm also close to. She's going to get home on the day of the funeral. I want to be there for her to cheer her up.


edit: i had to go when I made this post. But I also wish to help the girl's sister. I can't imagine what she is going through.

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