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Another knife



I had been given a knife that I really liked the feel of so I decided to make a similar one that I wouldn't care about using and abusing. Below is the puma white hunter I was given and the inspired knife below it.




It's a little beat up already because I was whittling some sticks and splitting some 2x4 chunks for a fire. I tried a few new techniques making this one too. Particularly in using two different edge angles to facilitate slicing and chopping, respectively. As for looks, I left the dark heat treat scale on the knife to help with rust resistance (carbon steel!) and because I think it looks cool. :P


I think my next foray into knifemaking might be using an old file I softened during this knife's heat treat. Just need to think of a design...suggestions welcome?


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You should build a metal desk to place your knives on so your poor xbox can have some rest.

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You should build a metal desk to place your knives on so your poor xbox can have some rest.

The xbox just happens to be the best spot lighting-wise in my room and my next option would be in the garage where I work:




Synapsi is actually a serial knifer

I think my next knife will have Admiral bone scales for the handle. :evil:

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Another potential project might be to fix up the handle on this cheap sword my brother's friend dropped off:



Currently it's got three large holes drilled into the top where the square tang of the sword would fit into the handle but the holes are stupidly too large so the sword is able to rotate a good thirty degrees to one side. I was thinking about wrapping the tang in plastic and filling the space with epoxy to hopefully tighten up the fit.

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