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Freaking out



As some of you know from my last entry, I have been getting really depressed...a really big part of that is from my job, which is really stressing me out. From the stress, I have been on the verge of quitting, but I have to stay because its the only job available, as well with working with me for hours. And now I found out that one of my managers is attempting to get the head manager position, and has gotten 2 managers to quit, and 1 to get fired.


Those that know me, know that I have low confidence, and therefor, I'm always thinking I'm doing something wrong. So now I'm freaking out that ill do something wrong and get fired, on top of worrying about the stress from my job.


I feel trapped as it is at my job. I'm usually the type of guy that can put up with a lot; punch me once or twice, I probably won't do anything, punch me a 3rd time, then I get mad...etc. point is, I know I need the job and normally I would take anything that comes at me, but I really hate my job, but have no choice to stay, even though its getting more and more stressful every day.


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Why do you need to stay at this job, apart from it being the "only" place available and working with your hours.

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Why do you need to stay at this job, apart from it being the "only" place available and working with your hours.

Money for college, and for my debt. And it really is the only place available. I have put my name in at literally every non factory job within 20 minutes from me, and a lot of my coworkers have done the same, and they live in different cities than me. Idk about them but I have gone back to each place at least once a week, a lot of the places every day or every other day.

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