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Dwarf Fortress: not a story, but a detailed update. Histories of avarice and mettle.

Helm Lardar


Those of you who wanted another Dwarf Fortress story may have wondered why I didn't post another. My excuse is that they take a while to write, you have to constantly think about pasting screenshots into a word document while you're playing, and I am perhaps a bit too lazy to do it. I can, however, give you a running idea of what those of you who signed up for a dwarf nicknamed after you did in Guisemined (Rurustavuz).


Reepicheep died (but you knew that), because a bunch of undead goblins, humans, and dwarves mobbed him. Later, a vampire migrant came out with a spear and killed them, one by one, because zombies ignore vampires (they're both night creatures, so they assume they're friendly).


Fabis was killed indirectly. A little context is needed before an explanation makes sense: a while ago, a weretapir came across my fortress and attacked a few people. One of them survived, and was locked away in a room to be my bookkeeper (noble in charge of keeping a record of stocks). He spent his days transforming, drinking booze, and updating the records at his desk. One day, he escaped through two sets of locked doors (probably because he somehow came up with the idea, while in Tapir form, of breaking them down). He then went on a rampage and killed several people before being shot down by one of my fortress guard, a chap with a crossbow who gave him a few good bolts to the body and then, when he transformed back into a dwarf, shot him again a few times until he died. The other dwarves weren't happy about this murder (this is known as a 'loyalty cascade', when your military unintentionally kills someone in their own faction and is thereby declared a 'hostile'), and the offender was shot down by other marksdwarves. I believe Fabis was one of those injured by the crazed bookkeeper, but rather than hulking out himself, he simply died of his wounds in the hospital: not because of blood loss or poor surgery, but because he got infected. After that, I stocked some soap there (soap is surprisingly complicated to make, which is why it wasn't there before).


Micael Fatia has gone from strength to strength. She (the dwarf is female) has become a legendary engraver, and constantly makes masterful engravings of different stuff. Having a well engraved room makes dwarves happy, so she is an important part of the fort. She's also the broker (noble in charge of assessing the value of everything in the fortress and trading). Caravans of human and dwarf traders come along, and she gives them old clothes, well-prepared food (which is ridiculously valuable) and bits of metalcrafting in return for large wicker bins full of leather, massive piles of meat, the odd interesting drink, and all the merchants' gems, metal bars, and so on. However, until recently she wasn't a good trader because she had a 'very trusting' personality. This meant she wasn't even a 'novice' at the 'judge of intent' skill, which tells you how keen the traders are (it's possible to offend them by offering bad deals to the point where they won't trade, but if you can make them happy they'll accept generally worse deals...but they still need to make a decent profit). In the last trade, she at last become a novice in the skill, which has all the benefits as regards trading. This makes her replacement as broker entirely unnecessary, which is nice because I didn't really want to replace a nicknamed dwarf. She is one of the most useful citizens in Guisemined and has a personal war dog assigned.


Tigerwing was organizing the militia, and acted as commander for a good while. He worked out a system of chaining up caged prisoners for target practice (a little inhumane, but for context these were thieves, spies, and child snatchers, along with good old-fashioned invaders/ambushers). This trained up his marksdwarf squad, "The Stoked Vestibules", and has made them all very good at shooting enemies: a relatively recent undead siege saw them calmly line up on the battlements and take out almost every single undead (once there were about 5/40-60 left, I sent out the hammer and axe dwarves). Tigerwing also commissioned 4 more squads with 3 dwarves each, who wear some of the fortresses' newly produced steel goods (generally speaking, steel mail and weapon, the rest is iron with leather leggings). They've trained up nicely (having everyone operate pumps in a 'dwarven gym' to become exceptionally strong beforehand was a very good idea) and fight very well indeed, dealing with several goblin ambushes and even a recent goblin incursion into the heart of the fort itself very respectably. So far they've taken a couple of losses, but do well regardless. It's a pity there isn't a better stocks screen for assessing what armour we do and don't have. Sadly, Tigerwing suffocated after being shot in the lungs in a recent ambush, so it seems he's dead too. A pity, but he's set up a military (well, I did, but I'll credit the militia commander) that will endure mightily.


Other objects of note: Guisemined recently became a barony, and the only member of the seven founding dwarves to still be alive, Cerol, has become the Baron. He's a legendary miner, but I've retired him from all labours. The baron doesn't do a lot: back in the day, he used to start the 'dwarven economy', where dwarves were divided into social classes, shops were built, and everyone had to pay for what they wanted (apart from nobles), but because that was horribly broken it's been temporarily removed. Dwarves now permanently live in a socialist commune, which is...fine. The baron's only function, therefore, is to enjoy himself, participate in labours assigned (which he didn't do back when he did the economy), and appoint a 'champion', a secondary noble who trains the military (so you want to appoint a dwarf who has high skills and is good at teaching). Cerol has been given a set of beautiful rooms, as befits his position, and should be very happy (I want a count and duke to come in the course of time). At the time he was recommended to the liaison (a diplomat from the mountainhomes who manages things) he was outside and got ambushed by goblins: I feared for his life, but like the badass he is he fought them off with his pickaxe (this is a dwarf with no normal military skill at all) and gave himself time to allow the military to show up and bash all the gobbos in. They were delayed by various situations, but Cerol got away with mild bruising, which will heal in time (unlike the goblins...you can imagine the damage a pickaxe can do to a goblin body if used by a legendary miner).


From now on, I am going to nickname people from Sal's anyway, regardless of whether they comment or not. If it causes offence (I probably won't put Merch Gwyar into the squad that regularly violates the Geneva Convention), I can withdraw nicknames...but it should be fun! Having said that, if you want in say so! It's boring to have so few people nicknamed after epic dwarves.


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Yay more writing. If screenshotting is too much, skip it because this is already a very good read :P

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So is this some roleplaying thing?


This is me playing a game, dwarf fortress, and reporting what happens. Dwarf Fortress is a management game, and individual dwarves can be nicknamed, so instead of being displayed as Cerol Ducimalak, a dwarf could be nicknamed 'Sobend' Ducimalak.


If by 'roleplaying' you mean 'are you making this up': no. Dwarf Fortress is very good at creating emergent narratives. The only bit I 'made up' is the idea that Tigerwing's dwarf as Militia Commander created the structure of the military system on his own. The dwarf on its own did, however, keep dwarves training, issue appropriate orders, and kill quite a lot of goblins once directed to their general area.

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Sure, the new rules for new characters are:


* If you died, please request it.


* If you visited the blog since Dwarf Fortress started happening here, have a dwarf on me.

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Okay then: Architect Reepicheep, Captain of the Guard (note that this is a separate position from Militia Commander, and the cotg doesn't fight-he's far too important!).

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Aw, fudge. Can I get a new character? Like Fabis Jr. maybe?


You've got a new dwarf, who is a legendary mason. Made an artefact called 'The Incidental Inch', which is pretty cool (though a bit similar to your last chap). Incidentally, I was browsing some of Micael Fatia's engravings in the Baron's Throne Room, and I noticed that there was an image of your promotion to Mayor. Mayors do several things: they meet with diplomats, console unhappy dwarves, mandate the production of certain goods, ban the export of others, and demand several nice rooms for the privilege. They are elected, which means the mayor frequently changes to the dwarf with the most friends (this is good, because it means you get a dwarf with social skills, which means they are good at consoling people who have lost relatives or whatever). I'd forgotten you were ever mayor, but I hope it shows your dwarf wasn't entirely boring.



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If you're still having fun with this, I wouldn't mind another character.


Call him Seer, a name, not the position.

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Go ahead and make a character after me, if you wish. I've heard about this before, sounds neat :D.

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