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I can't sleep anymore

Lee M16


I got the flu the second week of school.. threw off my sleep schedule, missed a geology lab, and have a bunch of other school work going on.


BUT HOLY shizzle THAT FOOTBALL GAME TODAY. I about had a heart attack. A few times. Bama at Texas A&M.... Crazy game for a mostly uneventful 23rd birthday. Did some drinking, and that's about it... cuz Jillian had to work, and my roommates disappeared.


It is now almost 1am... and I'm wide awake. Football has me wired.


What did I come here for? O yeah... research proposal... my new topic (having conveniently lost my original) is now "Hipsterism as a form of sexual selection". My advisor came up with that through all my ramblings.


Also I finally got back into going to the Evolutionary Studies club here (I know.. Evolution at Alabama? [Yes, we are one of the least faculty backed groups on campus but the Greeks are doing a tremendous job at trying to get that spot]) and I haven't got my stuff down, but I know I'll be helping at a tailgate at a home game, giving a presentation on my research next semester, and (need to talk to some people) may end up stepping in at VP of the club since the President is graduating in December (you know.. just to say I was in the position).


Tomorrow is apartment cleaning day... and homework day... and... the day when I get the rest of my '"presents".


I'm still a little tipsy, but I'm gonna go lay down and try to sleep... laterz


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I have absolutely zero authority on sexual selection but I would just like to say that "Hipsterism as a form of sexual selection" is a brilliant topic :xd:

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How was the game from your perspective then? The only Alabama fans I talked to were wasted beyond belief.


Sorry about the delay.. been busy with the proposal.


I was watching from my bedroom and a little in the common area of my apartment. It was frustrating being that it was CBS showing it, and being mostly sober I was freaking out most of the time just like most other people in this complex (i could hear them)

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