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First Tattoo



So I finally got my first tattoo done on Tuesday (3 days ago)!


I'm absolutely in love with it, and will post pics as soon as it's healed and looks non icky :P


Have to say that was one of the scariest experiences of my life and anyone who says getting a tattoo doesn't hurt is full of shizzle. I got mine under my right moob and it goes round and down my right side a little ways.


As for getting more, I do have a couple others that I've been keen on for quite some time, but will leave that quite a while yet, see how I feel about them.



On a side note, I'm back at uni, classes start again on monday and I'm working again at last, been given tons of hours over freshers week which was a godsend. $$$$$! :wub:


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Believe me when I say it happened!

I'll get my friend to send some of the pics of me getting it for you guys and I'll post them later today / tomorrow.


As for the finished product I don't really wanna masquerade it until it's healed as its still very scabby. Those will probably be another week yet ;)

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