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So last Thursday, I had to work 3rd shift. As soon as the other 3rd shift worker and I clocked in, we were told to go on break. Her name is Kelly. The new girl, Taylor, was just getting off of work. By the time I was "officially" told to clock out on break, Kelly already went outside for a cigarette. I decided to join her, and as soon as I get out of the building, I wave to her (200 feet away lol). As I get closer, as in within 20 feet, Taylor, who I have never met, and mind you this is the first few seconds I have ever seen her before, tells me to tell Kelly that I was waving at her (Taylor). I assumed that those 2 were friends, or at least knew each other. Last night though, I was talking to Kelly, and she told me she thought Taylor and I were friends, and after telling her I never met Taylor until that night, she told me that when I first waved to them, when Kelly nodded towards me (which I honestly didn't see), Taylor snapped at her saying "He's waving at me, not you". Kelly thought that was really rude, but disregarded it because she thought Taylor and I were friends. So this has had us confused..we are waiting to see what happens, but Kelly thinks that Taylor is rude based on that. I personally think Taylor was just trying to joke with us, to try to make friends with us.


The next day, I worked with Taylor, and she seems really cool. I would say the only thing I find "off" about her, is that she is with her boyfriend, who she constantly has complaints about. One example is Thursday night, she was sitting outside waiting for her boyfriend, because she doesn't have a car, and her family is too young or at work. Her boyfriend called and told her he couldn't pick her up because he was at GameStop. (sounds really classy -.- )


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i waved at them but she said that she wasnt and i didn't think that she was saying that i thought we said but she also didnt think her thought was what i was thinking but then her friend wasnt really a friend who wasnt a friend of mine was a friend of hers and she wanted to not know what i thought i wanted to know that her friend of mine said we were where she was not

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