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Nosce te ipsum.



An empty soul: prowling through the weeds of life, slashing down the webs of consciousness, and dancing into the darkness. Seeking its true path, to understand the challenge put forth. What? Why?





Who. It who seeks; who dashes through the forest, desperately searching to live. Gathering shreds of the final puzzle: the puzzle with no ends, no means, no tangency. In that puzzle lies another riddle, and in that riddle lies an unsolved code, which contains the true final piece of what lives.


Just a spirit, floating onward, minding itself and not a thought more. A soul in bliss, stuck in ignorance. Spiraling down a path of introspection toward an avenue of doubt, ingrained on a grove of lies, beneath a highway of depression, and not a single blockage. A one-way road of death. Walk, strut, trot, roll, skip, float, fly, hover, transport, and end. It all ends. Through one passage or a second procedure: it all ends.


But else it lives. Struggle, digression, struggle, digression, struggle, digression, end. Dénouement. And yet, the truth remains unscathed. From beginning to end, every rock turned twice over, not a patch left blank. There remains the invisible gate to truth that has no key.


Consciousness. The true escape. Left, right, north, south. Ambiguity. Subjectivity: Prison, utopia; island, escape? Where? When? Who? Why? How? What does it mean?


Go, and never return. The answer you seek won’t be found here. Comfort remains your enemy. Ego sum inimicus proprius pessimus meus. Don’t stop the journey. Your journey: through the unknowns. Nosce te ipsum.


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