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Approaching Thanksgiving



So I managed to get my car stereo installed, which I did have to rewire my car -.-

Anyways, like usual, I procrastinated on my homework, so by 5:45 pm today, I need to have a topic for my technical communications class. We are doing a Proposal paper, in which we find a problem, and come up with a solution and find previous attempts to fix the problem. Idk why, but I am having troubles coming up with a topic.

And I am getting more business in photography. I am not a big fan of this style of photography, but it's giving me experience and money..lol.

Tomorrow I have a busy day, I plan on getting my topic, and a rough draft around for my paper, starting and hopefully finishing a final drawing for my Intro to Drawing class, and to get my client's video uploaded to youtube for him (still need to render it too). Wednesday I work 8-6, and Thursday I got off work, and then work the whole weekend. And of course, the end of this semester is approaching and I am stressfully flipping out.


One of my friends was in an accident on Saturday, somebody hit him, and they were driving while intoxicated, being 3 times over the legal limit. My friend is ok, after the head on collision, he only has a broken arm. It could have been worse; idk the speeds, but the doctors said he was very lucky.


Well, that's all for now. I am going to bed. :P

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